SSO ID – SSO Portal Rajasthan, SSO Login & Registration 2024-25, password Recovers

The Government of Rajasthan has made the SSO ID Rajasthan, a digital platform that lets citizens, businesses, and government employees access various government services and schemes with a single login. This new portal makes it easier for people to get benefits and services.

SSO ID Rajasthan is part of the state’s efforts to take part in India’s Digital India program. By using technology, the government wants to make it easier for citizens to get important services, so everyone can access the benefits they should get without any trouble.

The SSO portal is for many different users, like citizens, businesses, and government employees. By having one platform, the government has made it simpler for these groups to get various benefits and services, which saves them time and effort from having to go to many different websites or departments.

SSO ID Rajasthan Registration Overview

The SSO (Single Sign-On) ID makes it much easier to access online services. With just one username and password, users can get many different government services. SSO ID Rajasthan makes the process of using government services simple and hassle-free for citizens.

Portal NameLaunched ByYearOfficial WebsiteSSO ID Help Desk
SSO Portal RajasthanState Government of Rajasthan2013, 0141-5153222
[email protected]

Objectives & Benefits

The main goal of SSO ID Rajasthan is to bring government services closer to the people. It lets citizens, businesses, and government employees access many services through one online platform. This means people don’t have to go to government offices as much, which saves time and resources for everyone.

  • Offers a wide range of services for both government and private groups
  • Reduces the need to visit multiple places to get government benefits
  • Helps women by providing business opportunities and support
  • Creates jobs and helps the economy grow
  • Makes government offices less crowded and more efficient
  • Saves people time and money by offering services online
  • Makes service delivery clear, building trust between government and citizens
  • Allows access to government services from anywhere, anytime

Overall, the SSO portal makes things more convenient, efficient and transparent. It uses technology to make it easier for citizens to get the services they need. The portal helps create a government that includes and serves everyone better.

Registration & Login

To start using SSO ID Rajasthan for government services, citizens first need to register on the portal. Signing up is easy. People just select the “Citizen” option and choose how they want to verify their account, such as with Jan Aadhaar, Bhamashah, Aadhaar, Facebook, or Google.

After registering, logging into the SSO portal is simple. Users just enter their SSO ID/username and password on the login page to access the many services available.

  1. Go to the official SSO portal at
  2. Enter your SSO ID/username and password in the login boxes
  3. Type the security code shown on the screen
  4. Click the ” SSO Login ” button to start using the portal’s services

Required Documents & Eligibility

To start using SSO ID Rajasthan, citizens must provide real documents that prove who they are and that they are eligible. These documents are needed to access the many services on the portal. Accepted IDs include the Jan Aadhaar card, Bhamashah card, Aadhaar card, or even a Facebook or Google account for easy registration.

  • Jan Aadhaar Card – An ID document specific to Rajasthan
  • Bhamashah Card – A special family ID card for Rajasthan residents
  • Aadhaar Card – A national ID number recognized across India
  • Facebook Account – Using social media to register easily
  • Google Account – Signing up quickly with an email account

The rules for creating an SSO portal account are meant to include many people, so lots of individuals can use the portal’s services. This includes all residents of Rajasthan, business owners with a valid Business Registration Number (BRN), and government employees who have a State Insurance and Provident Fund (SIPF) number.

  1. All people living in Rajasthan can access the portal
  2. Business owners with a BRN can use business services
  3. Government workers with an SIPF number can easily access the system

Help Desk & Important Links

If users have any questions or problems with the SSO ID Rajasthan portal, they can contact the help desk for quick assistance. The help desk email is [email protected] and the toll-free numbers are 0141-5123717 and 0141-5153222. The support team is ready to help with any issues users may have while using the portal.

Link DescriptionURL
SSO Official Website
SSO Login
Forgot SSO Password
Forgot SSO ID


What is Rajasthan SSO ID?

Rajasthan SSO ID is a new online system made by the Government of Rajasthan. It gives citizens one place to access many government services and programs. This makes it easier to get benefits and saves people time.

Who can use Rajasthan SSO?

The SSO portal is made to serve the needs of citizens, businesses, and government workers across Rajasthan. It makes sure everyone can easily access the services and benefits they need.

When was Rajasthan SSO started?

The Government of Rajasthan started the SSO ID Rajasthan platform in 2013. This was a big step towards digital government focused on serving citizens better and more efficiently.

What is the SSO ID helpline number?

For fast help, users can call the SSO ID helpline at 0141-5123717 or 0141-5153222. A team of helpers is ready to answer any questions about the portal.

What is the SSO ID help desk email?

Besides the helpline, users can also get assistance by emailing [email protected]. No matter how they prefer to communicate, help is just a call or click away.

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