PM Kusum Solar Subsidy Yojana 2024 : Check objective, Eligibility and Benefits

The Central Government started the PM Kusum Solar Subsidy Yojana to help farmers get solar pumps at much lower prices. This program lets farmers buy solar pumps with a big 90% discount. The government wants to help 35 lakh farmers with this plan, which aims to make farming better across India.

The plan has different parts. It gives solar pumps to farmers, builds solar power plants, and changes old diesel and electric pumps to solar ones. In the first part, the government wants to change 17.5 lakh diesel and petrol pumps to solar power. This will help use more clean energy in farming.

The Kusum Yojana wants to do many things. It tries to use less electricity and fuel in farming, which helps farmers save money. By giving cheap solar pumps, the plan wants to make watering crops easier and grow more food. This will help farmers earn more money while farming in a way that’s good for the environment all over India.

Objectives of PM Kusum Solar Subsidy Yojana

The PM Kusum Solar Subsidy Yojana wants to make watering crops better by giving farmers free electricity from the sun. This new plan helps farmers spend less money on power, so they can water their fields more easily and grow more crops.

Another goal is to make farmers stronger with money by helping them make their own power. The plan lets farmers create extra solar power and sell it back to the power company, giving them more ways to earn. This new idea changes farmers from just using power to helping make power for India.

The program also wants to help the environment. By using more sun power in farming, it tries to lower the bad air from diesel pumps and regular electricity. This change to clean power helps farming that’s good for nature and helps India fight climate change.

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Application Process for PM Kusum Solar Subsidy Yojana

  1. Go to the main PM Kusum website at
  2. Pick your state from the list on the first page
  3. Click where it says “Online Registration” to get the form
  4. Fill in your details, info about your land, and what kind of solar pump you want
  5. Put in copies of all the papers you need
  6. Check everything you filled in carefully before you send it

After you send it, people in your area will check your form. They might come to see the place where you want to put the solar pump. If they say yes, you’ll find out how much the solar pump will cost. Remember, you need to pay 10% of the total cost, and the plan will pay the other 90%.

Eligibility Criteria and Required Documents

The PM Kusum Solar Subsidy Yojana is open to many types of farmers. Single farmers, groups of farmers, farming societies, and water-using groups can all apply. This helps many different kinds of farmers get the good things from using sun power for watering crops.

  • Aadhaar card to show who you are
  • New papers showing you own or rent land
  • Bank account info for getting the money help
  • Photos like those for passports
  • Paper showing how much money you make (if you want extra help)

People who want to apply must own land or have permission to use land where they can put the solar pump. The plan lets you ask for sun power projects from 0.5 MW to 2 MW, depending on how much land you have and how much power your area can use. Farmers don’t need to show they have a lot of money if they’re using their own money to apply.

Benefits of PM Kusum Solar Subsidy Yojana

  • Farmers can get solar pumps for much less money, with the government paying up to 90% of the cost.
  • The plan gives farmers a new way to make money by selling extra sun power they make.
  • It helps villages have their own power and not depend on regular power that might not work well or expensive diesel.
  • This plan helps make the air cleaner and less noisy in farming areas.
  • By using sun power, the program helps save water by watering crops in a smarter way.

Components of PM Kusum Solar Subsidy Yojana

  • Giving Out Solar Pumps: The plan focuses on giving many sun-powered water pumps to farmers all over India.
  • Building Solar Power Places: It helps build places that make power from the sun to get more clean power.
  • Connecting Tubewells: The program helps put in tubewells that use sun power to get water from the ground better.
  • Making Pumps Better: Old diesel and electric pumps are changed to better sun-powered ones, helping farmers spend less money.

Implementation and Future Prospects

The PM Kusum Solar Subsidy Yojana has been doing well since it started. Many states like the plan a lot, and some are giving extra help to get more people to use it. The program is slowly getting closer to helping 35 lakh farmers, which is what it wants to do.

Different states are using the plan in different ways. Some places are focusing on areas without power lines, while others are working on systems connected to power lines. A few states have come up with new ways to help farmers pay less money at the start.

As the plan grows, it could make big changes in how farming works in India. By using clean power in farming, it fits well with what India wants to do with clean energy. If many farmers start using solar pumps, it could really help cut down on the bad air from farming and help farmers make more money.

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