Maharashtra SSC, HSC Board Result 2024 LIVE Updates: Results soon at

The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) will soon tell us the Maharashtra HSC Result and SSC results for 2024. Students and parents are waiting for the Class 10 and Class 12 board exam results.

When the results come out, you can check your scores on the board’s websites, like and Make sure you have your roll number and other important details ready so you can easily see your Maharashtra HSC 2024 results on these websites.

This year, a very big number of students – 26 lakh – took the Maharashtra SSC and HSC board exams. This shows how important and big these exams are for students all over the state and their future studies.

Maharashtra SSC, HSC Board Result Overview

The Maharashtra State Board held the SSC exams from March 1 to March 26, 2024. The HSC exams happened from February 21 to March 19, 2024. Students all over the state took these important exams that will help decide their future studies.

Right now, the MSBSHSE has not told us when they will announce the SSC and HSC Board Result. They are still checking the answer sheets and making sure the results are correct and fair for everyone.

Because they haven’t said when the results will come out, students and their families are really excited and can’t wait. Many keep checking the official websites and the news to try and be the first to know when they can see how well they did after all their hard work.

Checking Results

When the Maharashtra HSC Result and SSC results are finally announced, you can easily check your scores online on the official websites. Just follow these easy steps:

1Go to one of these websites:,, or
2Find the link for SSC or HSC results on the main page and click it.
3Type in your roll number and your mother’s first name to prove it’s you.
4Your result will show up on the screen. Save a copy so you can look at it later.

Important Dates

  • The SSC exams in Maharashtra were from March 1 to March 26, 2024. The HSC exams were from February 21 to March 19, 2024.
  • Usually, the results come out about 6-8 weeks after the exams are over. But because they have to check a lot of answer sheets, it might take a little longer this year.
  • Keep checking the main MSBSHSE website ( for any news about when the Maharashtra HSC 2024 results will be ready. The board will probably tell us soon, so everyone can stop wondering and waiting.

Maharashtra SSC, HSC Board Result 2024 Result Details

  1. The Maharashtra HSC and SSC results will show you how well you did. It will have things like your name, roll number, and school, so it’s easy to know it’s your result.
  2. You can see your marks for each subject. This helps you know what you’re good at and what you might need to work on more. It’s important for deciding what to study in the future.
  3. The result also shows your total marks and percentage. This overall score is really important for getting into college and other opportunities after HSC.
  4. You’ll see clearly if you passed or failed the SSC or HSC Board Result. This is something students, parents, and schools all need to know.
  5. Based on your passing status and marks, the result will tell you if you can go on to higher studies or if you need to take improvement exams. This helps you plan your next steps for your future studies.

Maharashtra SSC, HSC Board Result Highlights

  • In 2024, lakhs of students took the SSC and HSC exams in Maharashtra. The exact numbers will come out with the results, showing how big and important these exams are.
  • Experts are looking closely at the overall pass percentage this year. They want to see how it compares to other years and how things like changes in exams and teaching might have affected it. They think it will be about the same or a little better than before.
  • To make sure students know what they need to pass, the board has set passing marks for each subject. You have to meet these to officially pass the SSC and Maharashtra HSC 2024 exams.
  • If you want to go to higher studies after HSC, you have to meet certain marks in total and in specific subjects. The Maharashtra Board has set these rules for getting into different undergraduate courses.

Maharashtra SSC, HSC Board Result Previous Year

  • Pass Percentage: In 2023, 93.83% of students passed SSC and 91.25% passed HSC in Maharashtra. This shows how hard students and teachers worked.
  • Toppers: Last year, some students did really well and got top ranks in the state. They made their schools proud. But starting from 2023, the board won’t say individual ranks anymore. They want to focus on overall education.
  • Regional Performance: In 2023, different parts of Maharashtra had different pass percentages. Some areas did great, but others need to improve. The education authorities are working on plans to help everyone do better.
  • Stream-wise Results: In the 2023 HSC Board Result, Science had the highest pass percentage at 96.09%, then Commerce at 90.42%, Arts at 84.05%, and Business at 89.25%. So, different streams did a little differently.

Downloading Marksheet

  1. To get your online marksheet, first go to the main Maharashtra Board website, Sign in with your roll number and your mother’s first name.
  2. After you sign in, look for the ‘Download Marksheet’ option in the menu. Here, you’ll find the link to get your SSC or HSC marksheet that you can download.
  3. Before you download, make sure to double-check all your personal details on the marksheet, like your name, roll number, and marks for each subject. Make sure everything is correct and matches what you know. If anything looks wrong, contact the board to get it fixed.
  4. When you’re sure all the details are right, click the download button to save the marksheet as a PDF file. Pick a safe place on your computer or phone to store this important file.
  5. Finally, think about printing a copy of the marksheet you downloaded. You might need a physical copy for things like college applications or job interviews in the future.


Q: When will the Maharashtra HSC Result and SSC results be announced?

A: The Maharashtra Board hasn’t told us the exact date for the SSC and HSC Board Result yet. But based on past years, students and parents can expect the results to come out in the next few weeks, usually about 6-8 weeks after the exams are over. Keep checking the main website and the news for the most recent updates.

Q: How can I see my Maharashtra board result?

A: It’s easy to check your Maharashtra Board result. When the results are out, go to official websites like,, or Find the link for SSC or HSC results on the main page and click it. Type in your roll number and your mother’s first name to confirm it’s you. Then your Maharashtra HSC 2024 result will show up on the screen.

Q: What is the minimum passing mark for each subject?

A: To pass the SSC and HSC exams in Maharashtra, you need to get at least 35 out of 100 marks in each subject. This passing mark shows that you have a basic understanding of the subject. Remember, your overall passing percentage is calculated by adding up your marks from all subjects together.

Q: Can I apply for a re-evaluation if I am unsatisfied with my marks?

A: Yes, the Maharashtra Board knows that sometimes students might feel their exams weren’t graded fairly. In these cases, you can ask for a re-evaluation. They will announce the process and dates for applying for re-evaluation when they declare the results. If you want to challenge your marks, you can follow their instructions and pay the fees within the given time period.

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