GSSSB CCE Answer Key 2024 Out for Clerk | Office Assistant, Other Posts – Merit list , Cut-off Marks

Great news everyone! If you took the GSSSB CCE 2024 exam for jobs like clerk, office assistant, and other posts, you can now check your answers. The answer key is on the GSSSB website With this, you can see how well you did and guess your chances of getting picked.

GSSSB held the CCE 2024 exam to choose people for office and helping jobs in different parts of the Gujarat government. Lots of people took the exam hoping to get these good jobs. Now that the answers are out, you can add up your marks and get an idea if you might get selected.

GSSSB CCE Answer Key of Overview

The GSSSB CCE 2024 was a big hiring event to fill 5,554 empty posts for office jobs in the Gujarat government. The exam happened from April 1 to May 20, 2024, and many people applied hoping to get these jobs.

GroupGujarat Subordinate Service Selection Board (GSSSB)
Test NameGujarat Combined Competitive Exam (CCE-2024)
Job TitlesJunior Clerk, Senior Clerk, Head Clerk, Office Assistant, and other jobs
Open Spots5554
Test Date01 April to 20 May 2024

GSSSB Clerk CCE Answer Key 2024

GSSSB made waiting candidates happy by putting out the CCE Answer Key 2024 on their website on June 7, 2024. This important file lets test-takers check how they did and guess their chances of passing the hard exam.

By checking their answers with the official key, you can understand what you did well and not so well. This helps you get ready for other chances. The answer key makes sure grading is fair for everyone.

GSSSB Clerk Answer Key 2024 download Link

To get the GSSSB CCE Answer Key 2024, go to the official site and click the download link. The answers will be in an easy-to-use PDF, so you can look them over and see how you did.

Steps to Download

  1. Go to the main GSSSB site
  2. Find the big “Answer Key” part on the first page.
  3. Click the special link to get the CCE Answer Key 2024.
  4. Type in your info, like registration number and password, to see the answers.
  5. After logging in, the key will show up as a PDF.
  6. Save the PDF and carefully check your picks against the right answers.

GSSSB Clerk Answer Key and Objection Process

To make sure everything is correct and fair, GSSSB lets you point out any problems with the temporary answer key. If you find mistakes, you can tell them through the website.

Remember, the last day to file objections is June 17, 2024. You should read the answer key closely and get proof ready before sending your objections.

Objection Process

  • Sign in on the main GSSSB site
  • Find and click the special objection link.
  • Pick the exact question you want to argue from the list.
  • Give a full reason with backup files or sources to make your case.
  • Pay the needed objection fee online.

You must be careful and make objections before time runs out. Once GSSSB posts the last answer key, they won’t take any more arguments.

GSSSB CCE Examination : Marking Pattern

To figure out how you did on the GSSSB CCE exam, it helps to know how they give points. The test has a simple scoring system. You get points for right answers but lose some for wrong ones. This makes sure they test what you know in a fair way.

  • Each question gives you 1 mark if you pick the right answer.
  • Wrong answers make you lose 0.25 marks for each one.
  • If you skip a question, you don’t lose any marks. This helps you use your time wisely.

GSSSB CCE Examination :Result Estimation

Now that the answer key is out, you can take charge of seeing how you did. By following some easy steps, you can guess your likely marks and your chances of passing the GSSSB CCE exam.

  1. First, get the official answer key and your answer sheet from the GSSSB site.
  2. Look at your answers and the ones in the key very carefully for each question.
  3. Give yourself 1 mark for every right answer and keep track of the total.
  4. For each wrong answer, take away 0.25 marks from your total.
  5. Last, figure out your guessed marks out of 100 to see how you did overall.

GSSSB Clerk Answer Key 2024 Raise Objection Link

The first answer key lets you check your work, but GSSSB will put out the last answer key after looking at all the complaints people sent in. This makes sure any mistakes are fixed so the test is fair.

Your final result on the GSSSB CCE exam will be based on the last answer key. This will be the main thing they use to decide your marks. Keep an eye on the GSSSB website to see when they post the final key and results.

GSSSB CCE Examination : Result Date

If you took the GSSSB CCE exam, you’re probably really excited to find out how you did. The latest news says the GSSSB CCE Result 2024 should come out in the last week of June. GSSSB will tell us the exact day soon.

To make it easy and fair for everyone, GSSSB will post the results on their main website, Keep checking the site to see any news or updates about when the results will be ready.

GSSSB CCE Examination: Cut-Off Marks

When GSSSB announces the CCE Result 2024, they’ll also give the cut-off marks for each group. These cut-offs are important because they show the lowest scores that people in different categories, like General, OBC, SC, ST, and others, need to pass.

The cut-offs depend on things like how hard the exam was, how many spots are open, and how well people in each category did. If your marks are the same as or higher than the cut-off for your category, you’ve made it to the next part of the selection process.

GSSSB CCE Result :Merit List

After the GSSSB CCE Result 2024 comes out, the board will make a big merit list based on everyone’s exam scores. The merit list will show the roll numbers of the people who passed the CCE exam.

The person with the highest score will be at the top of the list. If there’s a tie, GSSSB might use other things, like age or category, to decide the final order. If your roll number is on the merit list, you can go on to the next step, which could be checking your documents or taking more tests, depending on what the job needs.

What is the selection process for the CCE exam?

After GSSSB announces the CCE Result 2024 and posts the merit list, the people who made it will be called for the next parts of the selection process. These stages help decide who’s the best fit for each job.

Depending on what the job needs, the next step might be checking your documents. You’ll have to show your original certificates and proof. For some posts, you may also need to take a computer test to show you have the right skills to do the work well.


What is the GSSSB CCE exam?

The GSSSB CCE, or Gujarat Subordinate Service Selection Board Combined Competitive Exam, is a big test held every year to hire talented people for various lower-level jobs in the Gujarat government, like Clerk, Office Assistant, and other helper roles. It’s a chance for people who want these jobs to show what they know and can do, and get a good career serving the public.

How many openings are there for the GSSSB CCE 2024?

The GSSSB CCE 2024 is a great chance for people looking for work, with a whopping 5,554 open spots in different posts. This huge number of jobs shows how much the Gujarat government wants to make its workforce stronger and serve the public better. People from all sorts of backgrounds can find jobs that fit their skills and what they want to do.

What is the main website of GSSSB?

To stay in the loop about the latest on the GSSSB CCE 2024, like exam dates, answer keys, and results, you should check the main website of the Gujarat Subordinate Service Selection Board at a lot. This site is the main way the board and the test-takers talk to each other. It keeps things clear and makes it easy to get important updates.

When will the GSSSB CCE Result 2024 come out?

The plan right now is for the big GSSSB CCE Result 2024 to come out in the last week of June. But keep a close eye on the main site,, in case the date changes. The board will tell everyone the exact date soon before the results are actually out. This gives you time to get ready for the next step in getting picked.

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